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The design of principles relating to the scheme is progressed through Design Codes, with there being one for the Bloor Homes part of the site and one for the Connolly Homes Part.  A public exhibition was held in December 2015 on the emerging Design Codes.

A Design Code is a document which guides key design principles, such as the approach to street design, character, landscaping, parking, materials, house types, frontages, building densities and architectural detailing. We’ve included sketches illustrating the type of development styles we think would be most suitable within each area, and how we think the scheme will look and feel using landscaping and a character of development that reflects local homes.

The final draft Design Codes for each part of the site will be/have been submitted to the Council for approval in accordance with condition 5 of the outline planning permission.  

You can download the draft Design Code documents and materials from the consultation held in December 2015 below.

Public Exhibition - Boards 1-8, Board 9

Bloor Homes Design Code

Connolly Homes Design Code


Examples from the Bloor Homes Design Guide

brook edge.jpg

bloor annotated plan.jpg


Examples from the Connolly Homes Design Guide

flitwick road.jpg


connolly layout.jpg

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