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Reserved Matters Application - Connolly Homes

22 Jun 2016

Connolly Homes has formally submitted an application for approval of reserved matters of appearance, layout and scale for the eastern part of the site.  This application goes into more detail than the original Outline Application, which set the principle of the development, but left other areas – such as design, layout, landscaping etc – to be determined by the Council at a later date when additional technical information had been prepared.

The application therefore includes detail about the appearance, layout and scale of development for 134 homes – details of landscaping are still to follow.  It has been given reference number CB/16/01993/RM by Central Bedfordshire Council with full details being available to view on the Council’s website:

On the website you will be able to see:

  • Illustrations of how the new homes will look
  • Details of the new public open space
  • Elevations and floor plans of the new homes

A PDF version of the site layout plan can be downloaded here

Connolly Homes Reserved Matters Layout web.jpg
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